Thonet Union

Startingpoint of this small collection of chairs was a lot of seven chairs that I discovered in an old shed of a farmer. By researching about the origin of these chairs I found out that they were produced in 1954 by Thonet in Frankenberg and dispatched by train to the small village Trogen where I found them. They served well over twenty years in the local pub of this small farmer-village while this pub served, as well as in other small villages, as the meeting point of the comunity.

I imagined what these chairs had seen and  lived through. I wanted to visualise this connecting part of a comunity by getting them closer to each other and creating groups by loosly connecting them. The  chairs, as a visualisation of the people, can be grouped and regrouped individualisticly. The colours refer to typical colours ot the 50s but they are lighter and greyish since outsiders in these small comunitys, especially in this small town, are often not welcome at the first sight.